Four Types of Shows to Choose From

1- Comedy
More than just a magician, Steve injects comedy into his routines.
Using his comedic skills and sharp wit, Steve creates hilarious routines that include using members of the audience.
More than just a comedian, Steve combines clever magic routines with witty patter that leaves audiences both mesmerized and howling with laughter.
Steve has an incredible rapport with his audiences.


2- Bewitching Magic
Steve Rodman has performed his bewitching magic across the U.S., cruise ships, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas.
Internationally, Steve has enthralled audiences in Hong Kong, Canada, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Cuba, and Japan.
Don't blink, or you will miss beautiful snow white doves appear and disappear.
Steve Combines his bewitching magic with comedy magic for a complete entertaining variety show.

3- Close-up Magic
Pick a card, any card.
Obviously there is more to magic than just card tricks, and Steve Rodman is the magician to show you.
You will be amazed and amused as Steve makes $1.00 bills change into $100.00 bills.
Guests will scream with delight as sponge balls multiply in their hands.
Steve Rodman will do this and much more as he strolls around your party or event, performing and even teaching some simple magic tricks.
Steve Rodman is the perfect choice for “Close up Magic” at your next event.

4- Mind Magic
In the time it takes you to blink, Steve Rodman will have read your mind.
Entertaining as well as mysterious.
Steve's mind reading act will leave you speechless. 
For walk-around or platform show, Steve Rodman will have you talking about how he "stole" your thoughts for years to come.

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