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Dream Bag
Unfold a paper bag and show it unmistakably empty. Immediately reach inside a produce three large transparent flower boxes with ribbons and flowers inside.
Production can also include silks after each flower box is produced. Do this anytime, anywhere.
Colorful and amazing as the boxes produced are stacked one on top of the other and are larger than the bag from which they were produced.
Easy to do. You will love the cleverness of this effect. Works the same as the regular size Dream Bag.  Boxes are 2.5" by 5.5" long.

Only $14.99

Amazing Magic Tricks with Money - DVD

On this DVD, you'll learn a host of minor miracles that can be performed with everyone's favorite ordinary item - money. Bills and coins grab interest immediately, and can be rustled up at a moment's notice, making the tricks on this DVD ready to perform practically any time and anywhere. And best of all, there's no difficult sleight of hand to learn.

With DVD Technology, these tricks are extremely easy to learn. By freezing frames, jumping to specific performances and explanations, mastering these tricks becomes elementary for everyone.

This DVD will teach you how to:

Balance a dollar bill on your hand and cause it to slowly lay down on command!
Push a pencil through the center of a bill yet leave no hole!
Vanish a marked penny from one hand and cause it to appear under the other!
Cause two bills to melt through each other - right under a spectator's nose!

And much, much more!

Only $11.99

25 Amazing Magic Tricks with Sponge Balls - DVD

Amazing magic mastered in minutes! 
Learn spectacular magic tricks using some of the most engaging magical props ever devised - Sponge Balls! 
This broadcast quality video teaches you how to use the special properties of Sponge Balls to perform incredible feats which make you look like a professional sleight of hand artist in just minutes!

Here is just a sample of the easy to learn, powerful magic with Sponge Balls you will discover in this wonderful DVD:

Make a sponge ball appear from nowhere
Cause the same sponge ball to mysteriously vanish into thin air!
Saw a sponge ball in half with your finger, and you end up with two identical balls!
Show a coin purse completely empty, reach in and magically produce a sponge ball from within!
Make sponge balls multiply into more
Change a sponge square into two balls.
Command a sponge ball to jump invisibly from one of your hands into the other

And much, much more...

Amaze your friends without years of practice!
Perform like a professional without learning any complicated sleight of hand.
With the tricks on this video, you'll be a master magician in no time.

Only $11.99

25 Amazing Tricks With a Stripper Deck - DVD

The Stripper Deck is one of the most ingenious magical tools ever devised.
This broadcast quality DVD teaches you how to use the special secret of the Stripper Deck to perform 25 miraculous feats - just as if you were a professional sleight of hand artist.

With DVD technology, learning magic is easier than ever.
By freezing frames and jumping to specific explanations and performances, it becomes simple to master the fundamentals of these marvelous magic tricks.

This DVD will teach you how to:

Force someone to choose a card you already know!
Cut directly to any card in the deck - even after it has been shuffled!
Cause a card to mysteriously rise from the deck!
Magically separate the red and black cards from a shuffled deck - in seconds!

And much, much more

Only $11.99

Wand to Cane
You hold a normal size magic wand in your hand.
Instantly it turns into a full size cane.
Easy to Do
Only $9.99

Dots Next
You show a large card with a big black dot.
Turn it over and find four dots...turn it over again and THREE dots?
But wait! Turn it over again and find SIX dots!
What is happening?
You explain that by covering dots and not covering dots it looks like more then there are.
Then with some magic words the dots appear! With a great finish of EIGHT dots!
Easy to do.
Large size version!

Only $9.99

Disappearing Statue of Liberty
Have someone in your audience sign a card with the picture of the Statue of liberty on it.
The next time this person sees this card, he will see his signature, but he won't see the statue of Liberty!
David Copperfield performed this for real on his TV special

Only $4.99

Chinese Sticks
The Chinese Sticks is a classic of magic. Yet, it is easy to learn, simple to perform and a treat for the audience to watch. Two sticks looking like magic wands are both held in one hand and displayed to the audience. One stick has a long length of cord hanging from one end. The other stick has a very short length of cord hanging from it. When the short cord is pulled, it appears to stretch and becomes long. But at the same time, the long cord on the other stick becomes short. The audience believes the cords are connected through the back of the sticks. But the sticks are separated showing there is no connection. Now the audience is really puzzled. Again the short cord is pulled and becomes long, while the long cord becomes short. Eventually both cords become long. Then both cords become short. And finally one stick again has a long cord and the other stick has a short cord.

Only $6.99

Jiffy Coin Trick
A borrowed coin is marked by audience member.
Magi vanishes the coin and it INSTANTLY reappears inside a small bag firmly secured by an elastic
 which is inside a small tin secured by THREE elastics which is inside yet another container secured by three MORE elastics.
Impossible yet extremely easy. A must for those beginning in magic.

Only $6.99

Breakaway Fan Trick
One of the greatest laugh producers!
During your performance, you open the fan to "magically" fan some object.
Then ask for a member of your audience to help by holding the fan.
When your assistant opens the fan, it FALLS APART.
However, you take the fan, open it and it is restored again. This may be repeated several times and is always sure of a big laugh!

Only $6.99

Wilting Rose
This item is so funny that you will find many different uses for it.
Produce the long stemmed flower from your sleeve or just bring it out and let someone blow on it.
All of a sudden, it begins to droop in a very magical way.
At your command, the Drooping Rose will pop up and look normal once again.

Perfect for clowns, magicians, comedians, actors, stage, characters, showoffs & MC's !


Zig Zag Card
Show a playing card and a frame and insert the card into it.
Then push the middle section to one side causing it to 'zig zag'
Remove the card and it is magically retored!

Only $7.99

Zap Frame
You can do the following with this utility case.
*Shrink a playing card
*Change the value of any card
*Vanish a playing card
and so much more!

Poker Size cards included. Can use Bicycle cards.

Only $7.99

Wonder Rope Trick
You display a length of rope which is being passed through a plastic block, to be whole and in one piece.
You tell your friends that the plastic block has sharp blades hidden in it. To prove your point you slide the block, which cuts the rope which you then display.
You then slide the block into position and the rope magically restores itself. The rope can be passed out for examination before and after the effect!
Comes boxed with complete instructions in a four colored box.

Only $7.99

Comedy Bottle & Glass
Show two empty tubes and a bottle.
Cover the bottle with the right tube, then take the bottle out and put it into the left tube.
Say the magic word.
The bottle is in the other tube!
Do a magic gesture, show two more bottles have been produced. 
Cover middle bottle with tube, magic gesture, and as a finale the bottle has changed to a cup!

Only $25.99

Run Rabbit Run Metal
This is one of the best effects for kid shows.
They'll scream and howl when you perform this effect!
The magician shows two metal rabbit hutches... a metal cut-out of a rabbit is placed in one hutch.
You say, "Now kids if you see the rabbit run to the other hutch - don't tell me!"
The rabbit runs and they yell at full volume!
The kids always see him run and you
are always behind in your "rabbit catching" and "door opening".
When you have just about outsmarted this creature all the doors are opened and the rabbit has vanished completely.
As you turn to look behind you the kids will scream with delight. He is attached to the back of your shirt or literally anywhere else!

Only $44.99

Two Card Monte
The classic street swindle in an even simpler form! Two playing cards are shown.
Now, the magician moves one card behind his back and asks the spectator to name the card that is in his hand face down.
He does so and the magician states that he is wrong and proves it by bringing out the card he named from behind his back.
Can be repeated.  Spectators will never figure this out!
Wonderful trick, comes with professionally made gimmicked cards.

Only $1.99

Color Monte
The most popular packet card trick of all time.
Show three cards; one with a blue spot and two with a red spot.
Explain that this is a game for gambling, and whoever finds the blue spot wins a dollar,
but if that person is wrong, he must forfeit a dollar.
Then explain that you were once taken by this game, and show how you were taken, losing three dollars
because every time you thought you picked the blue card, it was red.
So, you accused the man of not even having a blue card.
He showed the bottom card as blue, so you lost another dollar!
So, you said that if it was the card on the bottom, it couldn't be the one on top, but again, you lost another dollar!
It is then showed as the center card as well, and by then, there's been six dollars lost.
So, you said that you thought he was using more than three cards, but were proven wrong and lost another dollar.
So, the gambler gave you another chance, double or nothing.
He showed you that one card was red, another as blue, and all you had to do was name the color of the third card. Red, right? Wrong again!
It's not red, nor is it anything anyone would expect!

Only $4.99

The Wonder Wallet
The Wonder Wallet is no ordinary billfold.  With it you can make flat, wallet-sized items appear, disappear and reappear, switch, change and so much more!
The secret to this wallets extraordinary magical abilities is its special inside panel.  The operation of the panel is quite simple, yet undetectable to your audience.
Change paper into cash, turn singles into tens, turn twenties into hundreds!  The effects are limitless.

Only $7.99

From a beautiful wallet, you show the audience two cards, the nine of hearts and the ten of spades.
You remove the cards from the wallet and rub the two cards together several times and to everyone's surprise, the ten of spades is changed to a blank card.
Where did it go?  The pips have shifted to the back of the nine of hearts!

Only $9.99

Card To Wallet
You take out a deck of cards and shuffle it.  The spectator picks a card and signs his name across the face.
The signed card is inserted back into the deck of cards and shuffled again.
The spectator is asked to find his signed card...he can't because it's not in the deck anymore.
You remove your wallet from your back pocket AND THE SIGNED CARD IS IN THE WALLET.
This wallet can also be used as an ordinary wallet.
Looks almost identical to our Fire Wallet (below).

Only $19.99

Fire Wallet

Imagine reach into your pocket to pull out your wallet. You open it up and it bursts into flames!
You close the wallet and open it back up and instantly it's filled with cash! 
No harm comes to the money and it makes a truly startling effect. The wallet looks completely innocent.

Only $19.99

Himber Style Changing Wallet
This is a back pocket type (or hip-style) changing wallet.
Do all the things you normally do using a Himber wallet with this one.
Beautifully made.  No directions.

Only $9.99

Candy Pan
The Candy pan can be used to make candy appear in an empty pan.
Use the candy pan to produce other small objects such as silks, chick, spring flowers, or even a small dove.
This is made similar to the dove pans that sell for 2-3 times more.   Approximately 5 inches in diameter and 5 inches tall including handle.

Only $14.99

Pen Through Bill
You borrow a dollar bill from a spectator and poke a hole through the bill with an ordinary pen.
You then rip the pen through the dollar bill and return the bill to the spectator unharmed.
Easy to do!

Only $14.99

Appearing Cane
A full size cane appears instantly at your fingertips! Or visibly transform a silk handkerchief into a cane.

A Perfect way to start a show. Professional Quality!
Fast Silent Operation
Harmless To Silks
Smaller Hand Load
Durable and Long Lasting

Black Plastic Cane Only $25.99
Black Metal Cane Only $59.99
Silver Metal Cane Only $59.99

Steel Ball & Tube
The solid steel ball is too large to fit inside the steel tube, but at the performer's command, it lowers into the tube.
When the spectator tries it, now the tube is too large for the ball!

Only $4.99

Zig Zag Pencil
Place the examined pencil into the pencil case. You can see it in all three sections of the box.
Now, slide the center portion of the box away from the top and bottom.
Everyone can see the three separate parts!
If that is not enough, you remove each piece from the box! 

Each piece can be examined and they can not put them back together.
Put all three parts back into the pencil case, push the middle back and dump out the pencil. It is whole again!
Will work with other items, rolled currency, cigarettes, crayons, etc., if you are preset to use them.

Easy to do, no skill required. Great for beginners.
Zig Zag Pencil comes with pencil box and instructions.

Only $5.99

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards
The Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling deck has been in print since around 1904 - a good, accessible deck for regular folks.

Based on the divination system of Madame Lenormand, mystic to the wealthy and powerful of 19th century Europe,
this deck has the symbolic meanings of the cards written right on their faces.
The entire system is neatly explained in the little leaflet that accompanies the deck.

Only $5.99

Light-up Magic Wand
Use as you would any ordinary magic wand - passing it over objects just as you are about to make them disappear, vanish or multiply.
But this wand is SPECIAL. At your command the tip can light up RED as you do your magic!
The wand has a button that makes it work.


Only $9.99

Collapsible Top Hat
Adult or Child size - The classic black top hat, perfect for gentlemen, magicians and ring leaders!

Only $39.99

Magic Coloring Book
Great audience participation trick for one spectator- or a whole crowd!

You flip through this coloring book, showing normal coloring book type pages that have a magic theme.
The next time you flip- all the pictures are brightly colored! The third flip makes all the pages blank! Finally, the pages are normal again.

Very, very easy, even for children to perform! Best of all, it can be repeated immediately, and performed again and again without setup or skill. It's all in the trick book!
You'll get a Magic coloring Book and printed instructions

For smaller hands, please order the Pocket Coloring Book, which is the same trick but in a smaller size.

Only $8.99
for regular size and $6.99 for the Pocket Size

Sparkin' Ring
Wind up the Sparkin' Ring and you are ready to go.
When you squeeze the trigger sparks will shoot out from between your fingers.

Touch a cell phone and out flies sparks!
Push a button on an elevator and scare the other passengers!
Offer to fix a friends TV and they'll think you are getting a shock. Tons of laughs.

Only $6.99

Magic Traffic Light
A colored spot magically jumps from a "traffic light" card to another blank card right in front of your eyes, even though both cards are covered with see through plastic wallets.
Amazing, self working magic at it's best!

You receive two special magic traffic light cards in clear plastic wallets. One has three coloured spots (Traffic light) the other is totally black. Both sides of the cards are shown. The magician hold one in each hand. When the cards are gently shaken , one spot (traffic light) jumps visibly from the traffic light card to the blank card by magic.

You will be able to perform a mini miracle in any situation. This is very visual magic and is extremely simple to do with no complicated slights. Would be a good item for table hopping as it resets in seconds.

Only $6.99

Devilishly Deceptive Deck
Your audience will give you credit for amazing mind reading powers with this trick.  Picture this: show the audience a fan of cars (as in the photo below).  They can see that all the cards are different and mixed up.  The spectator picks any one of the choice of any card.  The card is placed back into the deck.  The magician looks into the mind of the volunteer and slowly but surely reveals the card...the exact card they previously selected. 
Many variations can be made of this trick.  For example, a folded slip of paper is on the table.  The cards are shown to be different and one is freely selected by a volunteer.  After it's been returned to the deck, the slip of paper is opened to show the exact card printed on it.  Amazing and self-working with the deviously deceptive deck of cards

Only $4.99

Brain Vision Box
Although the box is closed, you can always tell what color is on top of the multicolored block your friend locked inside the magic box. Learn the simple secret and you'll be correct every time! Easy to do and lots of fun! You'll look like a real mind reader!!

Only $3.99

Disappearing Card Case
A pack of Bicycle Brand cards is opened and the top card is removed and turned over to prove it is a real deck. The deck is then placed in a small black card case. The card case is then turned over and the deck has completely vanished!

Only $6.99

Magical Block

Find out why thousands have already bought this neat trick! A penny is placed on back of your left hand. You now bring out a classy looking small red block. "This block has very strange, magical powers". You tell them to watch closely. Just by waving the block over the penny it instantly changes into a dime! Listen to this: EVERYTHING CAN BE EXAMINED and it's so easy a five year old can do it. This is automatic magic with a terrific little secret. One of the finest pocket tricks you'll ever find. A special purchase allows us to offer this at a terrific price.
Only $6.99

Vanishing Card Trick
Magician Displays one photo of six different cards and asks the spectator to memorize one card. Then he shows a second photo with all the cards mixed and magician's hands taking away one of the cards. Now, only five cards left and when the spectator checks them he found that the memorized card is missing.

Only $4.99

Soft Coins
Have you ever wanted to shove a pencil through a coin? Now you can do it with three coins at once! Three borrowed coins are placed into a plastic case. A small sheet of paper is placed over the coins and the lid is closed. Three pencils are thrust through the case and penetrate the solid coins. When the paper is pulled out, the coins can still be seen, right where the pencils were pushed through the case and everything is examinable. The secret is in this precision piece of apparatus. No sleight of hand is involved, and yet Soft Coins is a super-fooler!

Only $4.99

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