I Love Reading Show

A Show that Educates as well as Entertains

It's More than a Magic Show!

Steve Rodman will make your students laugh, think, and wonder...  and if they're not careful, they might even learn something...

I am on the board of Cherokee Street PTA and I am the PARP Coordinator. Steve Rodman performed the "I Love Reading" show. He performed two shows for us, one for grades K-2 another for grades 3-5. All the students and the teachers enjoyed the show. He kept the students entertained and combined the importance of reading and amazed them with awesome magic tricks. It was a great way to end our PARP celebration week. My son is a 3rd grader at Cherokee and when he got home from school I asked him to describe what he thought of the show. He said it was "super, awesome, and funny." I would highly recommend Steve Rodman and would certainly use him for future shows at our school.

Donna Werner ... PTA Board Member

Just wanted to say what a great show you put on for the Stewart Manor School families. Your ability to captivate young and young at heart with your wonderful stage presence and amazing magic was truly a treat. The positive feedback we received from the 200+ people in attendance was overwhelming. We're all still trying to figure out where the dove came from. I'm confident that you inspired many a budding magician. Thank you again for a great show. It was a pleasure having you at our school to kick off PTA's PARP program this year.

Anna Garvin ... PTA PARP Chairperson

​Dear Event Coordinator,

Studies show that children who read have better grades, are more attentive in class, and are smarter than those won don't read.

My Show Encourages Reading in a Magical Way!

​Hi, I'm Steve Rodman.  I created the "I Love Reading" show for schools.  It is a mind-boggling variety ​​​show that combines magic, circus skills and comedy that showcases a love of reading and of books.  All the routines I perform involve the students and encourages them to read more and read often...  and much more!

Some of the books I use in the show are:

  • ​Harry Potter
  • ​​Optical Illusions
  • ​​Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
  • ​​Learning Origami
  • ​Magic Tricks and More
  • ​The Life and Times of Thomas Edison

​This show is a wonderful tie-in to other programs you're currently running, especially PARP.

Here's What Others Who Have Had Me Perform Say About My Presentation

​"Steve was fantastic!  He put on a quality performance that was enjoyed by all who saw him.  I recommend Steve to any school or organization that wants to have a great show!"

"The students loved him.  He did a great job of getting the audience involved."

"Thank you for introducing our school to Steve Rodman!  Steve's act is a finely hones, professional presentation of the best magic available.  He was able to grab the students right away and hold them for an hour.  Magical!"

"You put on a sensational show.  The students loved you.  Thanks again for the wonderful performance.  I'm still hearing great things about you."

"Steve Rodman's magic show captivated the students.  Such a good rapport with members of the audience made the show more personal as well as humorous."

"The students truly enjoyed your performance."


​Now I know what you're thinking (after all, I'm a magician), "How do I know my school will be getting a professional performer and not someone with little or no experience?"

To put your mind at ease, and to give you the confidence of my professional status, below are just a few of the places and shows I've done for the past 30 years as a full time entertainer (I've purposely left out comedy clubs, resorts and colleges).

Rest assured you'll be getting my many years of experience  working with children.





Great Neck


​Harry Connick Jr.

​Bobby Rydell

​Gary U.S. Bonds

​The Brooklyn Bridge

​Yakov Smirnov

​Robin Williams' Birthday Party

​Muhammed Ali


​Hong Kong



The Carribean




​Scholastic Books for the Harry Potter Book Arrival

​Magic Consultant for the hit Broadway Musical "The Wiz"

​Magic Consultant for the LIRR Magic Safety Program

​Barnes & Noble for Harry Potter Book Arrival​​​​​


​New York Hall of Science

​Whitney Museum

​J.P.  Morgan Library Museum




​The GAP Corporation


​Gitano Jeans

​Morgan Stanley

​J.P.  Morgan Chase​​​

​Show Specifics:

​I come completely self-contained to perform a forty-five minute to one hour show (depending on your time needs) with my own sound system and microphone (did I mention the musical numbers in my show?).

All students receive a magic booklet that has six magic tricks they can learn on their own.  It also contains a brief story on Harry Houdini that they can read at home.

The cost of the show depends on how far I travel and how many shows I'll be performing for your school.  There are no hidden fees, no deposit required, no extra costs.  When you call, please ask about discounted fees on multiple shows in other schools in your district.

Also, you'll be glad to know that my show is BOCES affiliated.

​A Guarantee You Won't Believe!

I Love Reading Magic Show

​Here's an offer you won't find with other performers.  If you book the "I Love Reading" show right now, and the students don't laugh, don't learn, don't love it...  you don't have to pay me at all!

That is correct...  I believe so much in the show I created that I know the kids (as well as the teachers) will be entertained, enlightened, and inspired.  If not, at the end of the show, I'll walk away and you'll owe nothing.

Who else can make you an offer like that?  That how much I believe in what I do.  Call me now to ensure that the date you're interested in is available.  You'll be glad your students experienced the "I Love Reading" show.

I guarantee it!


Steve Rodman

Steve Rodman​