The Original Game Show on Wheels

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A colorfully dressed MC pushes a cart around the room at a party or event.  The cart contains everything needed to run a complete trivia game show.

The MC will ask three "contestants" a single quick finger question.  The "contestants" buzz in by pressing a button.  The person that buzzes in first will lock out the other two.  That "contestant" will then get to answer the simple question.  If it is answered correctly they move on to the next level.

The winner of the Quick Finger Round is asked to spin a wheel which has 12 categories.  When the wheel stops, the indicator will be pointing to one of the categories (i.e. Sports, Pop Culture, Showbiz, History, etc.). The MC will then ask a question from that category.  If the "contestant" answers correctly he or she will win a prize.

GAME SHOW ON WHEELS comes complete with cart, MC, sound system, flashing lights, prizes, plus much more, and is completely portable - no power necessary - completely self contained.

GAME SHOW ON WHEELS can be played by 1 to 3 people at a time.  SO, for Fun, Excitement and Knowledge, treat your guests to the only portable game show...

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Game Show on Wheels