Comedy & Magic

​Steve performs close-up magic as well as a comedy-magic stage show.

Steve Rodman

Close-Up Magic - Pick a card, any card.  Obviously there is more to magic than just card tricks, and Steve Rodman is the magician to show you.  You will be amazed and amused as Steve makes $1.00 bills change into $100.00 bills.  Guests will scream with delight as sponge balls multiply in their hands.  Steve Rodman will do this and much more as he strolls around your party or event, performing and even teaching some simple magic tricks.  Steve Rodman is the perfect choice for “Close up Magic” at your next event.

Comedy & Magic Stand-Up Show - Have a medium sized group?  Steve can perform a show that combines comedy and magic for the whole group at once.  Audiences loves watching Steve make his beautiful doves appear before their eyes!

Comedy & Magic Stage Show - For larger events, such as banquets, Steve provides a stage show.  This show includes comedy, magic, and mentalism (magic of the mind).  Your guests will laugh until their sides hurt, all while being amazed by a skilled sleight-of-hand artist.